Adults, children and pets walking around on your carpet can leave stains and dirt behind. Your carpet is dirtier than you realize, because much of this dirt isn’t visible. Vacuuming removes surface dirt, but doesn’t get the dirt that’s deep down in your carpeting and rugs. The only thing that will get the dirt out and leave you with a clean, fresh carpet is a professional carpet cleaning company. Clear Image Window Cleaning has been providing excellent cleaning  service to happy customers in Riverside, CA for the last 26.

VacuumingQuality carpet cleaning service in Riverside, California is easy to find when you contact Clear Image Window Cleaning . We use state-of-the-art cleaning machines. We only use the finest, most environmentally friendly cleaning materials. Our excellent service will leave your carpet clean and fresh. We remove all stains while cleaning your carpets and rugs. Our machines work with a powerful system that gets rid of all spots and removes them from the carpet. We get down deep into the fibers of the carpet to remove all dirt and grime. You will be happy to see how clean and bright your carpets and rugs will look. You will feel comfortable to have your children playing on a nice, clean carpet or your employee and business partners walk  on to it with happiness in your commercial building.

Get your dirty carpet looking clean. Call us up and get a quote today. We’ll have your carpet and rugs looking squeaky clean in no time! Why live with dirty, unhealthy carpets. Let your carpet realize its full potential by calling the best carpeting cleaning company in Riverside, CA. You’ll be happy you did.