Pressure cleaning

Top Three Benefits of Pressure Washing

Now is the time to have Clear Image Window Cleaning, of Riverside, CA, wash your home or business. The top 3 benefits of having our experienced, reliable, and skilled technicians provide you with a pressure washing service include:


Preventative maintenance of your property can save you a fortune on future costly touch-ups and repairs, while adding to the curb appeal of your property. This is the main reason you should get your property pressure washed. Unfortunately, it is not the number one reason home and business owners call us. Preventative maintenance is not always at the forefront of our clients’ minds. Power washing should be included in your list of regularly scheduled home maintenance events, along with yearly roof inspections and termite pesticide applications.

Exterior pressure washing of your property, can extend the life of your concrete driveway, home siding, sidewalk or porch, as well as wooden areas like your fence and deck.

Pressure cleaningWhen carried out at least once a year, pressure cleaning can eliminate contaminates that contribute to decay, rot and premature aging of your home’s building materials and coatings. By simply pressure washing your home or business, you can add years of life to your property, as well as save a great deal of money, by avoiding costly repairs.

Curb appeal can add value to your property. This is the main reason home and business owners call us for pressure cleaning. Obviously, unsightly mildew and stains on your exterior walls, can be a depressing sight. You have made a major commitment in the purchase of your property, and you want it to look as good as possible. Pressure washing can breathe new life into your residence or commercial facility.

Those looking to put their property on the market should consider the great value of curb appeal. Pressure washing is considered to be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase the value of any home.

Health and safety of your family and guests is another important consideration. You are surrounded by contaminants, that pose risks to your well-being and health. Mildew, mold, dirt, and oil, are the main culprits that can create health and safety issues around your residential property. Regular pressure washing service can help protect your family from intrusion of outside allergens and mold.

In addition, pressure cleaning your driveway, as well as the walkways, can help protect your family, guests, and visitors from accidents, such as slipping on mildew or oil. Algae and mildew can grow on shadowed and damp sidewalks, surrounding your home.

Make the right choice, and give us a call now. Make sure your exterior is well taken care of!