Just Bought a House That Has Stained Glass Windows? – Part One

Residential Window Cleaning Tips for Stained Glass

Residential stained glass windows are harder to clean than traditional ones, however, if you have a design painted on your glass, then ignore these tips.

Some products should never be used on the stained glass window. This is because of the pH of the ammonia and vinegar, which will eat away the metallic structure in the lead or zinc cames. Scouring pads or powder will also scratch the glass. Also, chemical paint strippers will dissolve the putty found between the cames and the glass. Too much moisture used will remove any gold found on the mirrored pieces, and will eventually rot away the wooden sash.

Products you can use:

– Non-ammonia glass cleaners.

– Old newspapers, rags or towels.

– Old toothbrushes and Q-tips.

– New razor blades and extra-fine steel wool.

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