The Secrets of Commercial Window Washing

What’s Inside a Window & Office CleaningTool Kit

Washing office windows is no monkey business and should not be performed by a contractor that is not experienced or does not posses the proper cleaning tools and protective equipment, especially if we are talking about exterior projects. Here is what professional window & office cleaning usually need:

  • Lifting equipment and buckets

  • Static-free rags

  • Green detergents, zep glass cleaner, and ammonia

  • Mops, squeegees, scrapers, and extension poles

  • Ladders or climbing equipment for high office buildings

Why commercial window washing calls for the pros?

  1. It is a physically hazardous job, especially when multi-story buildings’ high windows need to be reached and cleaned thoroughly.

  2. They have the right equipment. Sometimes using the wrong tools will not only deliver the expected results but will even make matters worse. Pros have access to specialty gear that helps them do an impeccable service.

  3. They are experienced and trained. In order to receive good results, you will need to know some cleaning techniques that come with practice. Pros are trained in the effective methods for all window types.

  4. Licensed contractors are often insured as well. Exterior window cleaning is a dangerous job that may lead to several types of work-related accidental injuries. If your window & office cleaning team are insured even if an accident occurs, they will be reimbursed by their insurance company and will not file claims against you, trying to hold you responsible.

  5. If you want crystal clear windows, a professional service is your only option. Experts work with detergents that are specifically designed for window washing. Some of them even have future stain protective ingredients.

When seeking for first class window & office cleaning in Riverside, CA, you should not hesitate consulting Clear Image Window Cleaning and getting a quote. Dial (951) 353-8848, and we will prepare a personalized price deal to reflect the size of the commercial property, as well as the number and type of windows that you need cleaned! We offer regular commercial window washing as well!