Tips for an Effective and Time-Saving Window Cleaning

How Does a Professional Local Window Cleaning Specialist Perform Quality Work

DIY window cleaning is a task which in most cases is not worth your time and effort because professional cleaners do not charge much for it. If you are an enthusiast and want to do this yourself, we recommend you to read the following post and learn how such type of cleaning is supposed to be done in order to reach your high cleaning standards.

  • Get the right tools and use them accordingly. Make sure that you use professional extendable squeegees, powerful organic soap, and applicators in order to achieve the perfect cleaning results that an expert contractor would have achieved.

  • A clean scrubber. There isn’t any local window cleaning specialist who can start a job without a clean scrubber or lambs wool applicator, sponge, or porcupine cleaner. As you can guess, dirty applicators often leave dirt behind, so it is not a good idea to use the same equipment every time you clean your windows.

  • Direct sunlight can be your worst enemy when washing windows. If the glass you are cleaning is super heated by the sun, all sorts of streaking problems may occur during the cleaning. Early morning or late afternoon hours are usually the perfect time for washing your domestic windows.

  • Handling the squeegee. The squeegee that you use, no matter its type, should be held at an angle allowing the water to run down the glass. In other words, you should mimic the motion of a snow plow.

  • Wiping the blade. After each squeegee stroke, you should wipe the rubber blade with a lint-free cloth. If you put a damp squeegee on the glass, it will leave a blade mark.

If wiping glass windows is definitely not your thing and you find it to be one of the most tedious and boring household duties that you have, you may leave it to a professional local window cleaning expert like Clear Image Window Cleaning. In order to check out our rates and availability, you can contact our office in Riverside, CA at (951) 353-8848! We will instantly quote you, after we receive information for the type and size of windows that you need to get cleaned!